What’s best: Traditional or Virtual Food Drives?

Virtual fundraising has become our main priority thanks to the ease and effectiveness of online giving during socially-distanced times. However, we ARE still accepting traditional food drive donations and here’s why.

Traditional food drives are a good way to get kids involved.

Traditional food drives serve as a great way to nurture the next generation of hunger fighters. A hands-on approach allows kids to feel more connected to giving. It’s hard to explain conceptually to a 5-year old that you’re fighting hunger from behind a computer screen. However, the memory of collecting food and dropping donations off at the Food Bank can make a lasting impact on a child. 

Traditional food drives provide variety to our clients.

We distribute the food received through traditional food drives with the help of our partner agencies. The clients really enjoy receiving different types of food than our bulk purchasing typically allows. More variety means a more diverse diet! 

Our warehouses have implemented strict COVID safety protocols to ensure donated items are safe and sanitized before reaching our clients. Our volunteers are given thorough instructions on how to properly wipe down food items and are required to wear gloves at all times. 

Reminder–when donating to a traditional food drive, refrain from including glass containers or homemade items.

During these pressing times, we appreciate your show of support in any form. Monetary donations and virtual food drives are especially impactful, but traditional food collections serve as a great alternative or additional way to get involved. Check out our Food Drive FAQ for further information.

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