Immigration fears and hunger

This month The Nation covered the impact that immigration fears have been having on hunger in California. Counties across the state have reported increasing instances of cancelled CalFresh nutrition assistance applications and food banks have been seeing decreasing numbers of immigrants at their distributions, which they attribute to fears that utilizing assistance could make families vulnerable to deportation. Read the full article from The Nation here.

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano has also heard these fears echoed within our own community. Parents have called to ask whether they should discontinue CalFresh benefits for their US citizen children for fear it could lead to their deportation. Individuals at our distributions have reported that they are picking up extra food for neighbors who are afraid to congregate in public – or even leave their homes. We understand the gravity of these fears, but also want to stress that at this point in time there have been no changes to eligibility for CalFresh. Furthermore, food assistance is always available from the Food Bank, regardless of immigrant status. Everyone is welcome at our food distributions. Read the Food Bank’s public letter on providing food to all here.