Food Fight Fever

The 2016 13th annual Counties Care Holiday Food Fight heated up this year, with Solano County employees determined to win back the Big Apple trophy. Each holiday season, Contra Costa and Solano county employees raise funds for the Food Bank. Each year only one county wins bragging rights and possession of a large trophy. Employees hold bake sales, auctions, raffles and more to encourage donations from co-workers, friends and family!

In FoFullSizeRenderod Fight 2016, employees broke all past records, bringing in a grand total of $151,639.58! Solano County raised a grand total of $41,780.21 ($12.74 per employee). Contra Costa County raised a grand total of $109,859.37 ($11.40 per employee).

This amazing effort broke the 2010 record grand total of $143,000.02, and will provide over 300,000 meals. Our sincere thanks for fantastic fundraising to team leaders in both counties.

Congratulations Solano County! Beware, Contra Costa County employees vow to win the Big Apple trophy back in Food Fight 2017!