The “Yes, you CAN!” Summer Challenge is here!

We were recently inspired by a story about a quick-thinking mom who turned trips to the store with her two young children into a chance to give back. After repeatedly saying “no” to their requests (for seemingly everything in sight), she said “yes”—but there was a catch. She tasked them with picking out a can of food for their local food bank, and they enthusiastically accepted the mission!

The mom reported that subsequent shopping trips to the store with the kids have been enjoyable because they are busy focusing on selecting food for others to enjoy instead of asking for stuff for themselves. Her four-year-old would even enthusiastically explain the purpose of food banks to the cashiers. This isn’t only a parenting win, it’s a good way to fight hunger this summer and it’s the inspiration behind our #YesYouCan challenge.

This summer, we encourage you to say “Yes, you CAN” when grocery shopping with young kiddos and let them pick out items to donate from our most-needed food list for our food-insecure neighbors.

Tag us @foodbankccs with #YesYouCAN to encourage others families to join the challenge!

When we encourage kids to help others, we foster a compassionate generation.

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Need help explaining how the Food Bank works to kids?

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