Leading the fight to end hunger, in partnership with our community and in service of our neighbors in need.

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

1 in 8 residents turn to the Food Bank.

We distribute food directly to low-income people at community sites and make food available for other nonprofit organizations serving the ill, needy and infants.

20 million pounds of food was distributed last year. More than half of that was fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Food Bank has developed programs that provide food to meet the demand as well as support the nutritional needs of the people we serve.

 1 in 4 emergency food recipients are children.

Programs including Food for Children, Farm 2 Kids, and the School Pantry Program operate throughout the year to help alleviate childhood hunger.

To read more quick facts about the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, visit our Education and Resources page. For a more in-depth history and explanation of our operations, please continue reading below.

Food Bank History

In 1975 a group of people recognized that at a time when local families had a critical need for food, items like day-old bread at grocery stores would often go to waste. While the problem seemed so big, we believed it could be solved if the community worked together. This group started what is now the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

That was emergency food service, now the Food Bank helps people survive day to day. The Food Bank has gone from providing emergency food to a small number of people – to a resource that one in eight of our neighbors rely on for help with food.

As we have transitioned through the years from being a source of one-time emergency food to more of an ongoing safety-net service, our focus has transitioned from just providing calories to providing actual nutrition.

We are mindful of the types of food we purchase and distribute, and when possible, choose wholesome items such as lentils, whole grains, low-sodium alternatives, and high protein items.  We even provide budget-friendly recipes and cooking tips that help recipients turn the ingredients that they receive at distributions into delicious and nutritious meals.

Your money is used directly in your community. We set up food distributions and support other non-profits who may have otherwise not had the capacity to distribute food. Families are able to eat more proteins and fresh produce that they couldn’t always afford before. Kids have a better chance to learn with food in their tummies.

Ending Hunger Together

We believe there’s strength in numbers and in working together. We are members of Feeding America and California Association of Food Banks. Nearly 200 Partner Agencies have joined us to serve families in Contra Costa and Solano counties at soup kitchens, food pantries, after-school programs, snack programs and other service sites.

Through our relationship with Feeding America, the Food Bank service area spans 18 counties covering over 38,000 square miles, but 16 of these counties are served by five partner distribution organizations (PDOs); the Food Bank only serves Contra Costa and Solano counties. In general, a PDO operates within a defined portion of the food bank service area and performs all of the primary food bank responsibilities, including the procurement and distribution of food and partnership with member agencies.

We are a registered 501(c)(3), which means that we are not a religious or political organization.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Food Bank, please contact us at info@foodbankccs.org or call 1-855-309-3663 (FOOD).