High School Helpers

Vacaville High student Akim Torres first got involved with the Food Bank in 2019 when he was inducted into the San Francisco Giants Community Fund’s Junior Giants Scholarship Program.

Akim played baseball with the Junior Giants until he aged out of the league; at that point, he switched over to coaching younger kids and became involved as a scholar. To receive a $5,000 scholarship, Akim has to maintain a passing GPA and volunteer a minimum of 30 hours per year in the community. After striking out in search of volunteer programs open to minors, Akim, along with his mom, Maria, scored big with the discovery of the Food Bank’s consistent volunteer opportunities.

Akim plans to use the scholarship to pay for medical school and one day become a surgeon, transitioning from serving the community to saving lives!

Akim’s favorite part of volunteering has been helping at the Senior Food Program at Epiphany Episcopal Church in Vacaville, thanks to a lively group of regular volunteers that make volunteering fun.

As a player, coach and volunteer, Akim has come to learn you’re only as great as your team! We welcome passionate students needing to complete community service requirements for graduation, scholarship applications or simply out of a desire to be of service. If you are ready to join OUR team, sign up today at foodbankccs.org/volunteer; weekend and night shifts are available.