Realtors Meeting the Need

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano has received support from Contra Costa Realtors in Motion and the San Ramon Realtors Marketing Association for years.  Both these organizations are networking groups for the real estate industry and include realtors, banks, title companies, home staging companies, etc.  These people are very supportive of each other and the industry in which they work.

These groups have also seen their industry in its strong and weak phases.  They know their industry is an excellent indicator of the overall economy.  So like the economy as a whole, things are getting better for them, but they know they are not where they want to be.  This has made an already generous group even more supportive of the Food Bank’s work.  In addition to the support these associations provided to local schools, Toys for Tots and Christmas for Everyone, they recently donated over $8,000 to the Food Bank’s work, in addition to barrels full of nonperishable food.

This generosity is one more example of how people in the community come together to make a difference.  People come together in organizations because of a common interest, but they often look outside to the larger community.  The realty associations help us by stepping forward to make a difference in the community.

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