Arthur Drops Out and People Ate My Food

Guest post by Jess Bart-Williams: Well, this was a challenging day.  Arthur chose to discontinue his participation, which through me into the individual plan instead of the family plan.  So instead of the two of us living on $9.44 a day, now I am living on $4.46 a day.  Not too different, but an adjustment nonetheless.  My previous post explained my accounting error regarding toast, so there is an adjustment for $0.86.  Today I exceeded my daily allowance, but I’m being judged on the week, and I saved some money on Tuesday, so I still have a chance to make it to the end of the week with that beef with broccoli stir fry.
I had the opportunity to visit Joey’s pot luck Thursday get together.  We’re trying to start something similar here, so I really wanted to see how the kids got along and what the experience was like as a parent.  I can’t wait to start ours here in Hercules.  Hopefully I will have a healthier relationship to sharing food when I attend ours as well.  Socializing without money stinks.  Everybody knows that.  Now try going to a pot luck with your $2.00 dinner and a promise to not accept food from others and see if you can do better than I did.  I was chuckling at myself for all of the petty stuff going through my head. As people were eating my chips, I just kept thinking about Elmo and Telly on Sesame Street teaching my kids how balls are better when you share them.  Someone brought the best looking coconut almond fudge brownies that I could smell for four feet.  People did ask what was up, and I was able to share about the food challenge which made me happy.  They were surprised about the amount allotted and asked questions about eating organic.  I told them about trying to food shop today.
I was too hungry to figure out how to get enough vegetables to fill me up, so I opted to eat some meat to fend off the hunger.  I found cabbage for $0.72 a pound, so I decided to pair it with some sausage.  Unfortunately I can’t tolerate nitrates or nitrites, so I generally buy organic, preservative free sausage.  I’ve seen blogs about how organic isn’t any more expensive, but at the store I was at, I couldn’t afford it.  By that I mean, I could not afford to eat a single serving of sausage without blowing the day’s allowance.  I did buy a sausage without casing or preservatives, but it did contain lactose which can irritate me, but I made a choice.
Today I honor all the mothers and fathers out there working in the food industry feeding their children with SNAP.  To the people that are feeding their families, thank you for demonstrating the true grit most of us have never had to muster over the long haul.

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