The Luxury Peanut Butter

As food costs have risen over the past few months the one item known as a staple in many households is quickly becoming a luxury. Peanut Butter, the kid friendly food that is such a great source of protein, has risen nearly 60% for the purchasing manager at the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano.

“Peanut butter prices have gone up 30 percent or more because hot weather in states like Texas and Georgia hurt this year’s peanut crop and because some farmers switched to more profitable crops, such as corn and cotton.”  –Washington Post

Just this past summer the Food Bank was able to buy a 12/18oz case of peanut butter for about $15.50/ case and now prices have risen to nearly $24.50/ case.

To provide a child with this healthy source of protein, you can donate online or bring in a jar of peanut butter today!

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