Community Service Days

Pleasant Hill has done this for seven years, Walnut Creek has done this for one year and hundreds show up at 7am for pancakes. What is this? Community Service Days!

Both the City of Pleasant Hill and the City of Walnut Creek host an annual Community Service Day where hundreds of residents get to choose a half-day community project including school cleanups, painting projects for nonprofits, environmental projects and most important to us is a food drive. The wonderful part of volunteering is that you can select what interests you and your family. We were very fortunate to have many families and small groups conduct neighborhood food drives on each of these days. It was very simple: we provided bags/flyers and the family/group placed the bags on the doorsteps of their neighbors at least 3 to 7 days before the food pickup day. Then on the Community Service Day, they came back and looked for the full bags of food waiting for them.

On September 24th, we picked up 1,031 pounds of food from the Pleasant Hill Community Service Day and on October 1st, we picked up 4,327 pounds of food from the Walnut Creek Community Service Day. This food comes at a time when we are low on food to sort and distribute so it is very important. But more than the food is the opportunity to help our city, schools and neighbors in need by volunteering in our own community. We thank the volunteers that made both Community Service Days so successful and we thank all of those that left out a bag of food.

If you would like to conduct your own neighborhood food drive – just give us a call! We will happily provide bags, flyers and all of the support you need. A neighborhood food drive is an easy way to get the whole family involved!  

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