Feds Feed Families

During the summer, food banks around the country are facing severe shortages of non-perishable items and children are left without school nutrition programs. But, the federal employees nationwide  have stepped up to meet this challenge by gathering donations of food for families. Each year more federal departments in our two counties are joining the Feds Feed Families campaign. This year we are very fortunate to have the following departments:

Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Travis AFB
Social Security Administration in Antioch, Richmond and Walnut Creek
US Forest Service at Mare Island in Vallejo
USDA Service Center in Dixon

Each of these departments has stepped up their food gathering efforts from their employees to ensure that those in need in our community will have food. As fast as they call us to pick up the food, we are sorting/boxing the food to get it out to the respective communities.  Together they have collected over 12,000 pounds of food from their employees.

Of special note is the USDA Service Center in Dixon that procured 10,000 pounds of canario beans from a local grower. Of course when the USDA office called to ask if we would like these beans, the answer was YES. But then I had never heard of the bean and the staff at the USDA office said everyone in Dixon knows about the beans and once you try these you will never eat anything else. So why not give our clients a treat! Here is what I found out on the internet:

 A small, oval, ivory to pale yellow dried bean common in Latin American cooking and a basic part of northern Mexico’s cuisine. Peruanos have a light, buttery flavor and a soft, creamy texture. They’re also called azufrado beans, canaria beans, canario beans, maicoba beans, mayo coba beans, mayocoba beans, Mexican yellow beans Peruvian beans.

Thank you to all federal employees across the country! Together we are all working to end hunger.

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