Independence From Hunger at the Concord Grocery Outlet Store!

What can 99 cents buy today? Not a candy bar or bottle of soda (of course they may taste good at the moment but they are definitely not nutritious) and definitely not a gallon of gas. At the Concord Grocery Outlet, I found that I could donate 99 cents and buy a can of peaches, a can of sloppy joe sauce or a bag of dry beans and place it in the Food Bank barrel.

99 cents at the Grocery Outlet store is the beginning to a nutritious and filling meal for someone in need. In less than 3 weeks, the Concord Grocery Outlet store has collected almost 2,000 pounds of food for those we help. Not only will my four 99 cent purchases (how could I buy just one) help someone have a meal, I found some wonderful fresh strawberries for me for $1.99. I figured my good deed deserved a treat.  I hope you will visit your local Grocery Outlet and donate some food to help someone in need – the drive goes through July 31st. In honor of our nation’s birthday, we can all help our community have Independence from Hunger.


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