30 Years and Counting of Commitment

Guest post by Jenay Ross, USC journalism student: Around 1975, Duncan Miller pledged himself to the fight against hunger with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. 30 years later, he is still a fighter.

Miller got involved with the Food Bank through the Fairfield Presbyterian Church and now uses the Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship to reach those in need. Rockville distributes food at their church, as well as Mission Solano. At the end of each month, they have usually catered to 1400 families and at one time had over 2,000 clients.

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller: Fighting hunger for more than 30 years.

“The Food Bank has cooperated beautifully with us,” Miller said, “and has run the show marvelously to take care of the less fortunate.” He believes the Food Bank ensures the food is distributed where it belongs.

While the Food Bank gives Rockville plenty of resources to reach out to their clients, Sunnyside Dairy also contributes a significant amount of products to them. Over the years, Sunnyside has donated about a million dollars worth of milk. “They put up with us two or three times a week going into their facility,” said Miller, “They have treated us just like one of them for 30 years or so.” Rockville’s volunteers meet at Sunnyside with a truck driver from the Food Bank to help load dairy. They usually come out with an average of 4,000 gallons a week!

Miller was inspired to help those in need through his own experience with hardship. During the depression, his family was helped by people more fortunate then they were. “That’s how I learned how important caring for others who are less fortunate is,” he said.

When looking back on his involvement with the Food Bank, Miller said, “We’re all pushing for the same thing. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

With his 90th birthday quickly approaching, the Food Bank would like to wish Duncan a happy birthday!

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