Join National Call-In Day to Protect the Nutrition Safety Net!

As hundreds of advocates converge on Washington, DC for the 2011 National Anti-hunger Policy Conference, including representatives form Contra Costa and Solano counties, you can help us amplify our voice by joining our national call-in day today.  For those of you who will not be in Washington, you can still make your voice heard by calling your Members of Congress!

Latest News from Washington

Last week, Congress passed a short-term, two-week continuing resolution (CR) funding the Federal government through March 18. The short-term CR cuts $4 billion dollars as compared to FY2010 spending levels, and more cuts are on the horizon as Congress continues to work toward a long-term CR to fund programs through the remainder of the fiscal year.

The House-passed version of the long-term CR, H.R. 1, would cut nearly $61 billion in domestic non-security spending as compared to FY2010. The Senate will take two votes this week: one on H.R. 1, and one on a Senate bill introduced late Friday, March 4 that would cut about $6.5 billion from the budget as compared to FY2010. Both votes are expected to fail and are intended to demonstrate the need for the House to work with the Senate to find some middle ground before the short-term CR expires in two weeks.

These next two weeks are a critical opportunity to influence the process, and we need to keep the pressure on. Help us keep pushing Congress to protect the low-income safety net by calling your senators today. Participate in our National Call-In Day and urge your senators to safeguard the safety net!

Sen. Roberts

Senator Roberts at Russell senate building, anti-hunger lobby day.

Call Today!

Help us track our impact by using our toll-free number, 877-698-8228. After a brief message you’ll be asked to enter your zip code to connect directly to your senator’s office.  After delivering your message to the first office, stay on the line to be connected to your second senator’s office.  Once you are connected to your first senator’s office:

  • Tell them that you are a constituent and state the name of the town you are calling from.
  • Let them know you are calling about the budget, H.R. 1
  • Deliver this simple message:I urge Sen. ____ to oppose cuts to safety net programs, especially nutrition assistance programs like TEFAP, which supports emergency feeding programs in our community. Instead, please work with House leaders to pass a budget that addresses deficit while safeguarding programs that protect low-income Americans.

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