Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Eight Facts You Need to Know NOW

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has many important and excellent provisions for child nutrition programs.

Here are the eight facts about the Act that you need to know NOW:

  1. Every state will be able to participate in the
    Afterschool Meal Program, allowing afterschool programs in
    low-income areas in all states to receive federal funding to serve a
    full meal, and retroactive funding may be available.
  2. Federally-funded jobs in state child nutrition and WIC agencies
    must now be excluded from state lay-offs and furloughs.
  3. Nonprofits will be able to serve Summer Food at more sites and to more low-income children.
  4. New paperless options for universal meal service will mean that
    more schools with high percentages of low-income students will be
    able to feed all children at no charge.
  5. Children may now be certified to receive WIC benefits for a full year at a time, rather than six months.
  6. Less paperwork will make it easier for parents and family child
    care providers to enroll in the child care food programs, and so
    assure that more children have healthy food in child care.
  7. Nutrition education resources may be made available at no cost
    for parents and child care providers participating in the child
    care food program.
  8. USDA is required to make significant nutrition
    improvements in school meals and eliminate junk food from vending

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