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September 12, 2009 by Jyl Johnson Pattee


Stop for a second and think about your most favorite meal time experience with your family. What made it fun or meaningful? What did you eat? What did you talk about? What was it that helped you connect and grow closer as a family?

Now think for a second about what gets in the way of achieving that on a regular basis. If you’re like me, quick and simple meals are never quick or simple enough, meal times are rushed, and while I’d love to have all sorts of meaningful conversations with the family during meal time, we are usually lucky to get a home-cooked meal and even luckier to get conversation with it.

But… statistics show the importance of family togetherness during meal times. So, this Tuesday, we are fortunate to have Libby’s and Feeding America along with other #gno gals to share with us their fabulous tips for making the most of meal time. Have lots to share? Want to learn? Or, want to connect for a little girl power? Then, join us this Tuesday for #gno.

And, don’t forget to enter to win one of our amazing giveaway going on this week.

  • What: Libby’s is sponsoring this week’s #gno Twitter party (Click here to learn about #gno!)
  • When: Tuesday, September 15, 9-11 p.m. EST
  • Where: Party with us on our custom Tweetgrid. (Use hashtag #gno.)
  • Topic: Family togetherness and meal times
  • Who: @feedingamerica @goodlifeeats @hannahkeeley @janemaynard @savorthethyme @rockinmama
  • Party Favors: Click here to check out this week’s giveaway sponsored by Libby’s.
  • RSVP: Please leave your Twitter ID in the comments to follow and be followed (on Twitter, of course!) by other #gno gals. The best format is as follows:

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