Darwin Bosen

Vice President of Operations

Darwin Bosen joined the Food Bank as the Vice President of Operations in 2023. Darwin brings decades of experience working with national food providers such as Albertsons, Trader Joe’s and SuperValu. During his career in the retail grocery industry, Darwin became keenly aware of the disparities in food access. He made it his mission to increase food access and fight hunger. In 2014 Darwin joined Three Square Food Bank in Southern Nevada, where he held leadership positions throughout the Food Bank, including commercial kitchen operations, childhood after-school and summer meals programs, agency partner optimization and food bank operations. Prior to Darwin’s career at Three Square, Darwin co-founded a nonprofit that works with trauma survivors and individuals who live in crisis; training professionals and survivors in the Trauma Recovery Yoga methods that have provided healing throughout the United States and the globe.

Darwin truly believes food should not be a privilege and has committed his career to the fight to end hunger.