Food Industry & Large-Scale Donors

We accept bulk donations of shelf-stable, fresh, refrigerated and frozen food.

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano relies on the generous support of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and growers within the food industry to supplement programs that serve our food-insecure neighbors.

Large-Scale Donations

To coordinate a large-scale donation, contact Food Resource Manager Karen Collins at 925-408-4459 or [email protected].

MealConnect Donations

Food businesses anywhere in the country can easily donate their nutritious and unsold product to us using the MealConnect platform. If you are a food business looking to donate product to the Food Bank, please use this link to connect with our team to schedule a pickup.

Whether it’s a few boxes or multiple truckloads, we welcome surplus and ‘cosmetically-challenged’ food that is still edible and safe to consumers.

Working with the Food Bank can benefit your business by:

  • Reducing storage, waste and disposal expenses
  • Providing protection from liability associated with food donated in good faith
  • Potentially creating new tax credits and deductions
  • Increasing your company’s brand awareness
  • Assuring your donations are being processed using national food safety standards

Our goal is to never turn a donor away; even if we can’t use a particular donation at a certain time, we will work with our large hunger-fighting network to ensure good food does not go to waste! 

Questions? Please contact Karen Collins, Food Resource Manager, at 925-408-4459 or [email protected].