the bay area refineries – food bank challenge

Join The Bay Area Refineries – Food Bank Challenge in its annual campaign led by five refineries, including Marathon, Valero, Phillips 66, and Martinez Refining Company. This friendly competition will help raise awareness and provide critically needed meals to food-insecure children, families and seniors in Contra Costa and Solano. 

The Bay Area Refineries campaign has provided over 1.3 million nutritious meals since 2002. The refinery/company to raise the most funds each year will receive a trophy and bragging rights – but the real winners are the neighbors in our community who will be able to provide meals for their families and themselves thanks to your support

how you can make a difference

Join in on the friendly Virtual Food Drive (VFD) competition by inviting employees, contractors, friends, and families to help raise additional funds for the Food Bank. From April 1 – April 30. 


Looking for a team’s donation page? Just click on the organization name below.

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April 1, 2023 | The Bay Area Refineries – Food Bank Challenge Begins
Need us to create your Virtual Food Drive page for you? Email us at [email protected].

April 30, 2023 | The Bay Area Refineries – Food Bank Challenge Ends
Online contributions will be accepted until midnight
*All cash and check donations must be received at the Food Bank by May 8, 2023 to be counted towards team rankings and awards.