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Get involved and make a difference

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: “But what can I do?” When the world’s problems seem to be overwhelming, that’s the first question many of us ask ourselves. The answer is GET INVOLVED. There are countless worthwhile organizations that are looking for people who are willing to help others in need. The Food Bank of… Read More »


Over 400 attendees fill Concord warehouse for Volunteer Recognition Lunch

On Sunday, October 30th, the Food Bank hosted well over 250 volunteers for a Volunteer Recognition Lunch at our Concord warehouse to celebrate their contributions towards ending hunger. This past year, our wonderful volunteers donated over 96,000 hours of their time in a myriad of ways! Sharon Zeppegno, Volunteer Services Manager, described it as the… Read More »


Behind The Scenes Look At How The Food Bank Makes A Difference

Guest post by Tom Barnidge, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Volunteer: The single-file line began forming at least 30 minutes before the event was to start. There were men and women, old and young, tall and short. There were mothers pushing strollers, pre-schoolers hanging on to parents’ hands and seniors leaning on walkers… Read More »

Rancho Solano

Big Thanks to Rancho Solano!

Thanks to the generous residents and helpful volunteers of Rancho Solano for holding their 16th Annual Food Drive, Thanksgiving in June. They collected 2,351 pounds of food for the Food Bank! We are especially appreciative for the generous donation, since food donations tend to decrease down during the summer months.

Food Bank in Fairfield Needs Volunteers

Originally posted in the Vacaville Reporter: The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano is facing a critical shortage of volunteers at our Fairfield warehouse. Though our Concord warehouse has an abundance of individuals, families and corporate groups willing to donate their time, it’s an ongoing challenge to meet the demands in our warehouse on… Read More »

Help Us Celebrate 40 Years By Donating To Food Bank

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: It is common to dread turning forty, but we at the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano are proud of what we have accomplished as we turn the big 4-0. Today marks the 40th anniversary that our incorporation documents were filed. To honor our 40th birthday, generous donors… Read More »

Holiday Spirit Of Giving Is Needed The Whole Year Long

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: When I was a child (a long time ago), the newspaper had a little box listing the number of days until Christmas. Maybe it was an advertisement paid for by retailers, but it certainly made me count down to the ultimate holiday. As an adult, it is amazing how… Read More »

Summer Programs An Opportunity To Help

Originally posted on The Vacaville Reporter: After wishing the school year away, students and parents can sometimes find themselves in a rut once summer arrives. It often doesn’t take long before parents hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored.” In an effort to limit their children’s time in front of electronic devices, many parents come up… Read More »

Giving, Volunteering Honors Legacy Of MLK

When the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was declared I don’t think people realized it would evolve into a day that is focused on volunteer service.  It’s very appropriate the day has become dedicated to community service, as it highlights the role giving back plays as part of American life.  For those of us old… Read More »

Grateful For Food Drives During The Holidays

Originally posted on The Vacaville Reporter: The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano is lucky to have the support of CBS 5 KPIX  and Whole Foods in organizing the Food for Bay Area Families food drive.  Whole Foods helps us collect food at their stores which helps us provide food to those in need… Read More »

Scouts Help Feed Families In Need This Holiday Season

The generous support from the community makes the work of Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano possible.  What we ask is quite straightforward; we need people to donate food, give volunteer time or donate money.  By combining those three things together, in different amounts from different people, we distributed over twenty million pounds of… Read More »