Hunger hurts, especially for children. And it isn’t just the physical pain of an empty tummy—hunger hurts a child’s mind too. Food-deprived children have a tough time focusing in school and often feel powerless, afraid and hopeless.

It’s heart-breaking that 1 in 5 children in our community is food-insecure. All too often, what little food they do have access to does not provide enough nutrition their developing bodies need. This unfulfilled basic necessity of life often results in compromised immune systems, child obesity and even early-onset Type 2 diabetes. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Through the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s Food for Children and Farm 2 Kids programs, essential fresh food is provided to pre-school and school-aged children. With the community’s support, we are collectively making a difference for hungry children and families.

Wanda is a local mom who knows first-hand how helpful these programs are in providing supplemental food. Every Wednesday she gets in line with dozens of other families for a Farm 2 Kids distribution at her children’s after-school program. She is thankful for the fresh produce she receives including potatoes, onions, carrots and fruit.

Wanda shares, “I work, but supporting three children on my own is difficult. With the produce we get from the Food Bank, I am able to cook healthy meals for my children. Now I know that when they go to bed, their tummies are full.”

Your support brings health and hope to so many vulnerable children who would otherwise go without.

So many children are in need. Your support of the Food Bank helps to bring health and hope to so many who would otherwise go without.