Recognizing Raley’s: Bringing Food to Local Families

We want to take a moment to recognize Joyce Raley Teel, the former co-chair and majority owner of Raley’s and a well-known philanthropist in Northern California, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 91 after several decades of leadership and service dedicated to fighting hunger.

Teel’s legacy lives on through her numerous charitable efforts, including an ongoing partnership between Raley’s Food for Families and the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

Teel and former Raley’s president Chuck Collings founded Food for Families, a 501(c)(3) organization, in 1986 when they recognized their responsibility and ability to feed communities through partnership with regional food banks in northern California and Nevada.

Since its inception in 1986, Food for Families has raised $59 million and provided over 44 million meals to those in need. Raley’s absorbs all administrative costs, maximizing the impact of every donation.

The Food Bank counts itself lucky to be among the beneficiaries of Raley’s efforts to end food insecurity, as both a recipient of financial support through Food for Families and food donations through Raley’s Food Rescue program.

In 2021 alone, financial support from Raley’s helped the Food Bank provide more than 2.1 million meals in Contra Costa and Solano County. These donations come in the form of direct gifts, as well as credits to purchase food at cost, allowing the Food Bank to purchase the right food at the right time.

Raley’s also participates in the Food Bank’s Grocery Recovery program, which allows our partner agencies to pick up surplus food from nearby Raley’s locations. This incredible partnership directly feeds neighbors in need and saves valuable, edible food from being discarded. Working with the Food Bank, Raley’s, Bel Air Markets and Nob Hill Foods rescued 1,022,105 pounds of food just last year.

Raley’s is also a dependable ally when the Food Bank responds to crises in areas impacted by natural disasters such as wildfires. During the wildfires over the last couple of years, Raley’s worked directly with the Food Bank to provide equipment and truckloads of much-needed water for use in high-need service areas. Raley’s provided 82,660 meals that were served to victims of wildfires in Central and Northern California.

“Mrs. Teel was an incredible person, and her beautiful legacy of fighting hunger lives on every day thanks to Raley’s support of the Food Bank,” said Joel Sjostrom, Food Bank president & CEO. “I am so thankful for Raley’s continued partnership, hard work and dedication as we lead the fight to end hunger together.”

Thank you, Joyce, and the entire Raley’s organization, for their dedication to ending hunger.