Vic’s legacy lives on

Vic Smith, a beloved Food Bank volunteer passed away in January—just shy of his 100th birthday. For over 20 years, he and his wife of over seven decades, Fran, filled food boxes for local children. Vic is not only remembered for the impact he made fighting child hunger, but also his innate ability to make everyone feel welcome and special

Those who volunteered alongside Vic have nothing but positive things to say about the many years they spent together on the boxing line in the Concord warehouse.

Teri Bloebaum shared, “As soon as he entered a room it was impossible not to smile as a reflex action. He never complained, only complimented everyone he encountered while contributing to the team.”

Maggie Petersen further explained, “Vic always had a twinkle in his eye.  He was curious and loved learning new things.  He made you feel special.  Vic, and his wife Fran, were always among the first to welcome new volunteers to the team.” 

And Jim Denels summed it up by stating, “Vic enriched the lives of all those who knew him.”

The reality is, he also enriched the lives of those who did NOT know him. Vic’s legacy lives on through every single child he helped nourish. Vic did far more than box food, he helped give youth—our future—a chance to flourish.

Thank you, Vic.