Meet the Advocates-Keva

Keva Dean

Continuing with profiles of our outstanding volunteer advocate team, this month we’d like to introduce 2020 Speaker Series graduate, Keva Dean! Keva was born and raised in the Washington Metropolitan Area and moved to the Bay Area in 1989.  She has worked with numerous Bay Area ministries and community organizations as a social worker, family development worker, advocate, fundraiser/outreach, worship leader, bible teacher, seminar leader, prison ministry, counselor, and ministries of giving throughout her lifetime. We sat down with Keva for a quick Q&A, so you could get better acquainted with an integral member of our team.

What inspired you to become a hunger-fighting advocate?
I suppose my mom. She was always taking in kids from the neighborhood and giving them things that they needed…she just inspired me to help others.

What is something you wish others understood about hunger?
I think what people don’t understand about hunger is that when you’re hungry you can’t think of anything else. Hunger speaks louder than anything else in your life. And to prove that…people steal food because they are hungry; they do things out of their character because they are hungry.

Can you think of one hunger-related experience that sticks with you most?
The story is about my daughter; she was shamed for not being able to pay her school lunch bill, and had to go hungry because the school wouldn’t provide her food.

What’s the highlight of your time as an advocate so far?
Speaking to the community and the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors at the Measure X Committee as a resident speaker and Food Bank advocate.


Favorite movie?
I really like Gladiator and Ever After…I’m a romantic, I think I’ve watched that more than anything. But I think my favorite movie is Iron Man 3.

What’s your Starbucks order?
Hibiscus Lemonade

Best book you read in the past year?
Jonah’s Gourd Vine by Zora Neal Hurston.

Favorite TV show?
King of the Hill! I’m a cartoon girl!

What do you like to do for fun?
I make everything I do fun! But, I love to teach, whether it’s music or bible study.

Favorite vacation spot?
I just cannot get Barbados out of my head!

Coffee or Tea?

Kindle or paperback?