Food Bank Distributes Agency Enhancement Grants

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

$250,000 benefits Contra Costa and Solano county nonprofits

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano recently distributed $250,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations that will help fight hunger in our community.

The Food Bank offers enhancement grants to its partner agencies, a group of more than 250 nonprofits that receive food and support from the Food Bank, to expand capacity and further support their local communities. Since 2010, the Food Bank has distributed $725,000 in grants to local nonprofits.

“Nearly 50% of the food distributed by the Food Bank last year went out through our agency partners, and we are committed to supporting them in expanding their capacity to safely distribute even more – and even better – food to our neighbors in need,” said Joel Sjostrom, Food Bank president & CEO.

This year the Food Bank granted 62 grant requests that will allow each agency to serve its neighbors more safely and efficiently. With an average grant of $3,800, funded projects included:

  • 40+ commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • Eight pallet jacks
  • Five computers
  • A full restroom remodel for a 24-hour shelter that provides showers for people who are unsheltered
  • Two 40-foot refrigerated storage containers

The Vacaville Storehouse, a food distribution center for families in Vacaville, received a grant to purchase two 40-foot refrigerated storage containers. The containers will allow the Storehouse to safely store more nutritious food for its clients, including meat, eggs and dairy.

“Early on, we’d take and distribute any kind of food we could get, but I realized we are not serving people at the level we want to serve them if I’m just giving them carbohydrates. While it’s food, and I’m grateful for it, protein is better. But, most protein requires refrigeration,” said Raymond Beaty, Vacaville Storehouse director. “So, being able to expand our cold storage means I’m not just shoving food in your hand that will keep you alive today; I can help get you healthy. That’s not possible without cold storage.”

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano has been leading the fight to end hunger in its community for more than 45 years. For more information about the Food Bank’s programs and services or to learn about donating time or funds, visit or call 855-309-FOOD.