Advocate for Hunger Relief and Prevention

Food banks play a critical role in ending hunger, but we can’t do it alone. Our food bank strategically engages in advocacy work to raise awareness and mobilize support to end hunger, improve economic security, and promote health and well-being for our community members. This includes informing the public and policymakers about food insecurity, educating them on policies and programs that will improve food access, and encouraging them to partner with us to end hunger.

Public policy has an enormous impact on the amount of resources that our food bank is able to distribute, as well as the amount of assistance needed by members of our community. Ending hunger is not only about providing emergency food to people in need – it also means taking action and organizing to pass public policies and legislation that support our food bank’s long-term strategies to ensure universal access to sufficient, affordable, and nutritious foods.

Anti-Hunger Policy Priorities

Our 2015 public policy priorities focused on:

  • Expanding tax provisions that encourage charitable donations to food banks
  • Supporting school and summer meal programs for children
  • Preventing barriers to accessing food assistance programs for qualified individuals and families

With the recent addition of a full-time Advocacy Manager, our organization has greatly expanded its capacity to engage with community members and elected officials in support of anti-hunger policies. We look forward to releasing our 2016 legislative agenda and advocacy strategy in the near future.

Take Action

  • Sign up for Advocacy Alerts: The best way to get involved in our advocacy efforts is to sign up for our HungerFighters e-newsletter. We will send you monthly public policy updates and action alerts to keep you informed of the issues and proposed solutions.
  • Contact Your Elected Representatives: Policymakers at federal, state, and local levels make important decisions that can have a tangible impact on food access and quality of life in our communities. As a constituent, your voice matters. Let your elected representatives know that ending hunger is a priority and help us educate them on what they can do to relieve it.
    • Be sure to look up your state and federal representatives so you know who to contact to voice your support and concerns around specific legislation.
  • Share Your Story: Our Food Bank works to elevate the voices of community members that rely on our programs and nutrition assistance to make ends meet. Help us ensure that your story is heard by policymakers by telling us about the challenges you have faced in accessing sufficient, affordable, and nutritious foods.

Advocacy Resources

For more information about how you can help take action against hunger, please contact Carly Finkle at or call 925-676-7543 ext. 261.