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Advocate for Hunger Relief

Food banks play a critical role in ending hunger, but we can’t do it alone. Fighting hunger is not only about providing emergency food to people in need – it also means taking action and supporting legislation and policies that reduces hunger.

Our 2015 Priorities are:

Protecting & Strengthening Government Nutrition Programs

Our country’s first line of defense against hunger is our government nutrition programs. Tragically, these programs have seen dramatic cuts in recent years, at a time when poverty and hunger rates are increasing. (California has one of the highest rates of child food insecurity in the nation, at 27.3%.)

Food bank advocacy efforts are essential for protecting and strengthening the safety net programs that can prevent hunger, including:

  • School lunch and breakfast programs for students from low-income families
  • Summer feeding programs that benefit students who might otherwise go hungry when school is out of session
  • SNAP/CalFresh benefits (formerly known as food stamps)

 State Budget: Rebuild and Reinvest in California’s Safety Net

Vital health care and human services programs that provide a safety net for low-income Californians were cut deeply for several years beginning in 2006. The state budget returned to balance and we now have a significant budget surplus.

California should now work to reinvest in our social safety net programs that help reduce hunger, including:

  • CalWORKs
  • IHSS

How to get involved:

The best way to get started as a Hunger Advocate is to join our online advocate community. Become a Hunger Fighter by signing up for our e-news mailing list. We will send you public policy updates and action alerts as needed.


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For more information about how you can help take action against hunger, please contact Lisa Sherrill at (925) 676-7543 extension 206 or