Hunger Challenge: Can you live on $4.72 per day?

Join Food Bank staff and volunteers as they take the Hunger Challenge to eat on $4.72 per day for five days – the average amount an individual receives in CalFresh (Food Stamp) benefits per day in California. It’s not too late to join! Try it for the rest of the week or event just a… Read More »

The Hunger Challenge Begins Next Week!

Attention All you Hunger Challengers: Set your $23.60 aside and go shopping this weekend! It might help to pre-plan and write out your menu for the week using the Shopping Log that way you get an idea of how far your weekly allowance will last. Planning ahead will help you to focus on buying foods… Read More »

Week Long Hunger Challenge Continues

Guest post by Assemblymember Yamada: Planned ahead to brew coffee last night, setting the pot up so I could just hit the “on” button this morning.  What’s important to note is that the cost of coffee filters, and even the electricity and water necessary to brew my most important beverage isn’t calculated into the weekly… Read More »

Day 4 of the Hunger Challenge

Guest post by Assemblymember Yamada: Last night’s meal of stir-fried turkey with black beans and green beans over noodles was a combination borne out of “ingredient necessity”.  Not the tastiest, but filling. Today is Wednesday and I am “mid-week” with the Hunger Challenge.  I am pleased to learn that there is a staffer in the… Read More »

The Hunger Challenge continues for Assemblymember Yamada

Guest post by Assemblymember Yamada: When I returned from the single-payer, universal healthcare forum in Woodland about 10 p.m. on Monday evening, I was feeling a little hungry.   I had last eaten about 4 p.m. (a turkey-burger with lettuce and tomato).  I decided to make a package of ramen noodles, adding a handful of fresh… Read More »

Day Two of the Hunger Challenge for Assemblymember Yamada

Guest post by Assemblymember Yamada: Sunday evening, I divided the 1-lb ground turkey into thirds. I stir-fried 2/3rds and with the remaining 1/3, added the ends of my bread loaf as filler and cooked three turkey-burger patties. Monday morning, I brewed a pot of coffee, filling a thermos to bring with me to work, rather… Read More »

Yamada_Food 2011

Assemblymember Yamada Blogs About the Food Stamp Challenge

This is the first guest post from Assemblymember Yamada as she takes on the Hunger Challenge. She will be living on a food budget for one week equivalent to what the average CalFresh (Food Stamps) would be receiving in benefits. In California that average is $4 per day. Assemblymember Yamada: Day 1 After speaking at Davis Community Meals 3rd… Read More »

Veronica's favorite challenge dish. Lentils, w/ two eggs, cheddar chez and 2 pieces of toast

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Five

Read about Food Bank staff experiences on the final day of the challenge below. Joan Tomasini, Food Drive Coordinator. Now I know why children fall asleep in school! No, I didn’t fall asleep at work but when I had to go deliver some barrels to the Walnut Festival, I found I was weaker than normal… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Four

Food Bank staff are starting to feel the effects of the challenge. Read about their experiences below. Larry Sly, Executive Director. So I didn’t eat dinner last night.  I had one of those “two meetings in a row” nights and when I was done at 9PM I decided I was more tired than hungry, especially… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Three

How does it feel to know you only have a limited amount of food to eat today or you might not have enough food in your house to last the week and you know you don’t have money to buy more? That is how are staff are starting to feel on this the third day… Read More »

The results of Veronica's shopping trip.

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Two

Day two of the Food Stamp Challenge for several Food Bank staff members. They are struggling with not being able to have coffee (or the quality they are used to), the lack of ‘extras’ and being tempted with free food in the office (not part of the rules of the challenge). Is anyone else participating?… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day One

Today is the first day of the Food Stamp Challenge. We challenged all of you to live on a food budget of $4.00 a day – the average a food stamp recipient receives –for five days. Six people on staff at the Food Bank decide to take the challenge and share their experiences with you.… Read More »