Veronica's favorite challenge dish. Lentils, w/ two eggs, cheddar chez and 2 pieces of toast

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Five

Read about Food Bank staff experiences on the final day of the challenge below. Joan Tomasini, Food Drive Coordinator. Now I know why children fall asleep in school! No, I didn’t fall asleep at work but when I had to go deliver some barrels to the Walnut Festival, I found I was weaker than normal… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Four

Food Bank staff are starting to feel the effects of the challenge. Read about their experiences below. Larry Sly, Executive Director. So I didn’t eat dinner last night.  I had one of those “two meetings in a row” nights and when I was done at 9PM I decided I was more tired than hungry, especially… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Three

How does it feel to know you only have a limited amount of food to eat today or you might not have enough food in your house to last the week and you know you don’t have money to buy more? That is how are staff are starting to feel on this the third day… Read More »

The results of Veronica's shopping trip.

Food Stamp Challenge: Day Two

Day two of the Food Stamp Challenge for several Food Bank staff members. They are struggling with not being able to have coffee (or the quality they are used to), the lack of ‘extras’ and being tempted with free food in the office (not part of the rules of the challenge). Is anyone else participating?… Read More »

Food Stamp Challenge: Day One

Today is the first day of the Food Stamp Challenge. We challenged all of you to live on a food budget of $4.00 a day – the average a food stamp recipient receives –for five days. Six people on staff at the Food Bank decide to take the challenge and share their experiences with you.… Read More »

Take the Food Stamp Challenge

The average amount a Californian receiving food stamps has to spend on meals is $4 a day. We challenge you to try it September 20 – 24. More than 35 million people in our country live on a food stamp budget – can you? It can feel overwhelming to even know where to begin. On… Read More »

Assemblymember Yamada

Food Bank Salutes Mariko Yamada for Taking Challenge

At a time when stock prices are plunging, unemployment rates are soaring and many Americans are struggling with uncertainty regarding their economic futures; it’s encouraging to see elected officials like Assemblymember Mariko Yamada raising awareness about an issue that is affecting a steadily increasing number of Californians. The Food Stamp Challenge is an opportunity to not only… Read More »