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In 2016, you helped us accomplish a lot!

YOU HELPED THE FOOD BANK OF CONTRA COSTA AND SOLANO PROVIDE  20 MILLION POUNDS - TO - 190,000 NEIGHBORS   YOU HELPED FAMILIES    "I work, but supporting three children on my own is difficult. With the produce we get from the  Food Bank, I am able to cook healthy meals for my children. Now I know that… Read More »

Fruits, Vegetables More Than Luxury

Originally posted in the Vacaville Reporter: The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano believes that it’s good to think outside of the box; actually, we think outside cans and bags too. We recognize the value in packaged food. It is less complicated to transport, is convenient and has a longer shelf life. However, we… Read More »

Food Bank Has Programs For Children

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: An astonishing one out of five children within our community is food-insecure. Child hunger doesn’t just affect children. It affects parents and our society as a whole. When children grow up with chronic hunger, we know that they experience significant physiological damage because their growing bodies don’t get the… Read More »

Continuing to Help Seniors In Need

Originally posted in The Vacaville Reporter: Working at the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano for all of these years has taught me that many of our senior citizens are food-insecure because they struggle financially. Thirty years ago we started our Senior Food Program, to help this often-vulnerable segment of our population. Our goal… Read More »

Food Bank Debuts Harvest to Home Program

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: We at the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano are excited to start 2016 by announcing a new program. Harvest to Home started as a pilot program and has now officially become our eighth direct distribution program. Like our other endeavors, it was created out of an unfulfilled… Read More »

A Thanksgiving Wish – Lisa’s Story

Not everyone wants a fancy gift for the holidays. For the 1 in 8 of your neighbors who receive help from the Food Bank, having food on their table is at the top of their holiday wish list. Your gift today can provide a healthy meal to a family in need this holiday season. People… Read More »

Healthy Eating Habits Best Thing For Children

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: Whether the information comes to you from statistical studies or just from taking a look around, it is obvious that the United States is facing an obesity epidemic. The facts are overwhelming; we have the second-highest obesity rate in the world and spend more than $190 billion a year… Read More »

March’s Focus On Nutrition Is A Chance To Educate People On Food Choices

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: March is National Nutrition Month, which focuses on educating people to make informed food choices and creating comprehensive dietary habits. Struggling families in Contra Costa and Solano counties often aren’t able to select healthy options. Many turn to less expensive foods that are higher in fat, salt, calories and… Read More »

Changes Helped To Grow, Improve Food Program

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: Most of the changes that have taken place at the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano have come about in a natural evolutionary process.  We have grown into an organization that wants to provide our clients with not just food, but healthy and nutritious food. Our initial focus… Read More »

Senior Food Program Expands Reach

Originally posted on the Vacaville Reporter: Did you know more than half of the households served by the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano have had to choose between paying for medicine/medical care or food? For seniors living solely on social security this is especially true. Through the Senior Food Program, people 55 and… Read More »