Board of Directors

The Food Bank is overseen by a Board of Directors composed of community volunteers who are dedicated to the Food Bank’s mission to serve people at risk of hunger in Contra Costa and Solano counties.

  • Paul Gabbard (2012) Chair
    Retired, Shell Martinez Refinery
  • Robert Reynolds (2011) Secretary-Treasurer
    Owner, Reynolds Economics, Inc.
  • Tom Chowaniec (2013)
    Retired, General Mills
  • Stephanie Walter Caronna (2015)
    Vice President, Community Bank Marketing, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Richard T. Golinski (2013)
    Principal and Chief Investment Officer, Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, LLC
  • Howard Jordan (2014)
    Policy and Security Consultant
  • Kitty Lenhart (2013)
    Child Health Care & Nutrition Specialist, Contra Costa Child Care Council
  • Narayan Menon (2014)
    Vice President, Finance, Intuit Inc.
  • Laura Moran (2016)
    Partner, Prophet Brand Strategy
  • Jacob Perez (2016)
    Catering Sales Manager, Mary’s Pizza Shack
  • Bruce H. Phelps (2008)
    Consultant, BiotecH Pro Consulting
  • Jill Steele (2012)
    Head of Knowledge & IP Curation, Prophet
  • Judy Teichman (2014)
    CPA, Accurate Assets
  • Tracy M. Tomkovicz (2016)
    CEO/Owner, S&S Supplies and Solutions
  • Joe van Gogh (2015)
    Staff Engineer, Tesoro Refinery
  • Simone C. Yuan-Newman (2015)
    Retired, Valero Benicia Refinery

NOTE: The year in parentheses indicates the year member was elected to the Board. Board members are all independent voting members.