A Fight to the Finish

The Food Bank salutes Solano and Contra Costa county employees for hitting the million dollar mark in the ninth annual Counties Care Holiday Food Fight!

The Food Fight began in 2004 when Contra Costa County employees challenged Solano County employees to raise funds for the Food Bank during the holiday season.  Solano County employees replied “Bring it on!”

The winning county every year is based on the dollar amount per employee. Solano County won the first challenge, and employees from both counties have been competing for possession of the coveted Big Apple trophy every year since.  In the 2012 Food Fight, Solano County employees won by raising $10.38 per person and Contra Costa County came in second with $9.70 per person for a total of $129,054.26.

Over a nine-year period, county Food Fighters have raised an amazing grand total of $1,027,310.65! The friendly competition also makes a big difference in the community.  Thank you county employees, your cumulative donations have provided over 2 million meals for our neighbors in need.  Job well done!

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