Tell the Senate Your Ideas for a Fair Budget

Senator Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee is encouraging you to share your ideas for how our elected officials can address our country’s budget challenges responsibly. MyBudget is an online platform for members of the public to weigh in as our nation works to tackle our budget and economic challenges.

Go to  to share your stories about how federal budget decisions have impacted your family, your community, and your job, and let the senate know what issues they should be focused on.

Here’s what Chairman Murray is asking you to do:

Share your story

Budget decisions aren’t just about numbers and charts—they have real impacts on real people and communities. Your stories should be heard so we can help members of Congress understand what’s at stake for the families and communities they represent.

What are your budget priorities?

Budgets are all about setting priorities, and Chairman Murray is asking to hear about yours. Share what federal investments and programs you value in the federal budget (ex: safe roads and bridges, affordable college education, a strong national security, etc.) and if there are programs, policies, or tax loopholes that the federal government spends money on that you think it shouldn’t.

Tell us your ideas

The federal government needs to strengthen programs like Medicare so they will be there for the next generation. What are your ideas?

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