Jeans for Beans

Creative juices were swirling when Pacific Service Credit Union decided to hold a food drive with their employees!  Dedicated to making a difference in the community, they created a fun and effective Jeans for Beans program to help the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano with food and money donations.

The program worked like this: Employees would be allowed to wear jeans to work on Fridays if  they donated one nonperishable item or one dollar to the Food Bank.  They could wear jeans and tennis shoes for two items or two dollars.

In the first two weeks of the program, employees donated a barrel of food and over $600. By the end of December, employee contributions totaled $861.00 and then Pacific Service matched that  for a total of $1711.00!

The Jeans for Beans program is one of the many ways that Pacific Service Credit Union partners with the Food Bank.  They may have been walking around in jeans and sneakers , but you can’t dress down a big heart .  Thanks Pacific Service!

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