Who Needs Help?

The things I learn as I am out being the representative of the Food Bank can be overwhelming sometimes.  I had a woman at a presentation I made last week hand me her business card.  The card said she has a B.A. and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology.  But the handwritten message on the card said “Jobs at Food Bank?  I REALLY NEED A JOB! PLEASE CALL”.  I talked to her so I know what her skills are if a job should open up at the Food Bank. Unfortunately I am not her answer today.  She needs a job and is doing all she can to get the position she needs, but even with the skill she has she cannot get the job she needs right now.

I also got a note we received with a financial donation that said “Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $1000.  This is a donation to the Food Bank.  After spending five months unemployed, I made a pledge to myself to contribute to the Food Bank once I was employed again.  Happily this is now the case.  I hope you find this donation helpful.”

I don’t know if these people received food from the Food Bank, but they demonstrate that there is a real need in the community today.  People who used to donate to us have been unemployed for months.  People with advanced degrees are not able to find work.  Our community is in a very fragile place right now, and the Food Bank is doing all we can to provide food to those who need help.

For more way you can help, visit www.foodbankccs.org/givehelp.

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