Rancho Solano Thanksgiving in June Food Drive

For 12 years, the gated community of Rancho Solano in Fairfield has hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive. What makes their food drive different is that it is held in June, at a time when we need food for the summer months. The process is fun and easy. We met our coordinator, Dorothy Flynn, at 5:30am (so we could have the barrels out for the residents to drop off their bags of food on the way to work) to deliver and place the barrels throughout the community.


Dorothy and her committee publicized the food drive through their community newsletter, signs up throughout the community and also a flyer/paper bag on their doorstep a few days before the drive. All the residents have to do is fill up the bag and when they are on their way to work or run errands, just drop the bag in a barrel which is at the front of their street. Our Food Bank truck comes by several times to pick up the food and replace the full barrels. It is that easy. This year, the Rancho Solano residents donated a fantastic 2,701 pounds of food for our Solano County neighbors in need. Thank you Rancho Solano for your wonderful Thanksgiving in June Food Drive! Would you like to have your neighborhood or gated community host a Thanksgiving in June Food Drive (or in July or August)? Just give us a call!

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