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Take Action! The California legislature has until midnight today to approve the budget Governor Brown continues to push for cuts to CalWORKs, the state’s cash-aid program. If enacted, the proposed cuts would further weaken California’s safety-net. While the cuts do not directly impact CalFresh or Food Bank funding, they do negatively impact the very families that depend on CalWORKs, in conjunction with CalFresh, to make ends meet.

As less funding is made available for safety-net programs and households lose essential cash-aid and other benefits, resources available for food purchases are diminished. For every three dollars lost in income only one dollar is gained in CalFresh benefits – this is simply not enough to help support the many California families that continue to struggle to put food on the table. We cannot continue to reduce funding for California’s critical safety-net programs.

California Democrats ready to send Gov. Jerry Brown a budget that reject $1 billion in cuts, Sacramento Bee, link

Take Action!

Call Your Senator Today!

Tell your senator to hold the line and continue efforts to preserve CalWORKs funding; these benefits are essential to the well-being of California families. They must stand firm for vital health and human services in the budget.

Call the Governor Today!

Tell the Governor that cuts are not the solution to the state’s fiscal problem. We need revenue solutions! Over the past three years, California has chosen cuts-only budgets that have shredded programs critical to the health and well-being of California families.


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