Sticker Shock

Guest post by Food Bank Grants Coordinator, Don McCall: I started the Hunger Challenge a couple of weeks after my doctor had put me on a new low-calorie, low-fat, low-salt diet due to some changes in my health. I had already become used to eating less, having fewer choices and not having all of the easy eating options I used to have, so I figured this would be ‘a piece of cake’ (not on my diet). I planned on not having to make very much of a change, maybe just drinking discount tea instead of Earl Grey and stopping the Diet Cokes. I did my shopping at Safeway as usual, got home and tallied up the damage. What a shock. I was lucky, as Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran was on sale for almost half price, but I was still over budget and hadn’t even added in the chicken, low-fat cheese and unsalted peanut butter I usually buy. I went to go to Trader Joe’s to do some repurchasing and was able to save several dollars on their apples and bananas, but this just brought me down to my spending limit – no chicken, cheese or peanut butter this week. Normally when I get hunger pangs I can snack on extra cereal, cheese and peanut butter. This week I have to suffer through it and just imagine having to live like this and realize that many children and their families aren’t able to say “I can’t wait until Saturday when I can start eating again”.

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