Healthy School Lunches

Well it is day 4 and I still have energy (maybe not as much as normal, but I do). Yesterday was sort of a surprise for me. One of my co-workers was eating a sandwich that looked so good, I almost found myself taking a bite when they walked away from their desk. I am sure they wouldn’t miss the bite and I think I was actually drooling. But I didn’t do it. It reminds me of school lunches we had as children. We all ate the same lunch in the cafeteria (and hardly anyone brought a lunch) and we all enjoyed the same nutritious meal. Yes, today there are free lunches for children, but I have heard it is always a cheese sandwich and if other youth see you eating it, they know you are poor. So is it better to go hungry that day or to have someone make fun of you or not want you in their social circle because you can’t afford lunch? At my age I would say I don’t want that person as my friend if they are so concerned about my wealth. But as children, we want to be liked so I would bet that some children would rather not eat and be liked than eat and not be liked. Teens I know ask me if I were running for President what would be a main focus? I always say that all children/youth in school receive the same nutritious meal (just like I did many, many years ago). Hunger is not fun!

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