The Stigma of SNAP

The myths that often stigmatize SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly Food Stamps) are being used to justify funding cuts that would make it harder for struggling families to get by. Last month the house approved a budget that proposes to cut SNAP by nearly 20 percent. Working as it was designed, SNAP responded quickly… Read More »

Hunger As a Way of Life

Guest post by Food Bank Office Assistant, Lauren Strouse: While the Hunger Challenge is over for some, for many it is a way of life.  I participated, successfully, last year, but opted out this year since I have “been there and done that,” having actually lived the challenge at several different times in my life.… Read More »

The Hunger Challenge: Life in Full Flavor

Guest post by Associate Local Patch Editor, Emily Henry: It’s amazing how different the world looks after a week of vigilance. The constant awareness of food has expanded into a corporeal experience of everything else, and this increased sensitivity is both pleasurable, and painful. Take a strawberry, for example. Usually, I would eat a strawberry… Read More »

A Week on the Hunger Challenge

Guest Post by Dawn LeBar: Sunday, June 10th Well, I truly did sign up for this, and now it’s Game On.  I went to the grocery store tonight to get ready for the week. Went to WinnCo, knowing it’s cheaper than my usual Nugget shop stop. When you only have $22 to spend it doesn’t… Read More »

More than Feeling Hungry

Guest post by the Monument Crisis Center Staff: With more than 10,000 households registered for service, the staff members of the Monument Crisis Center are more familiar than most with the challenges and problems facing families and individuals without enough food. When we signed up for the Hunger Challenge, we anticipated feeling tired, hungry and… Read More »

Take Action Now!

Take Action! The California legislature has until midnight today to approve the budget Governor Brown continues to push for cuts to CalWORKs, the state’s cash-aid program. If enacted, the proposed cuts would further weaken California’s safety-net. While the cuts do not directly impact CalFresh or Food Bank funding, they do negatively impact the very families… Read More »

Sticker Shock

Guest post by Food Bank Grants Coordinator, Don McCall: I started the Hunger Challenge a couple of weeks after my doctor had put me on a new low-calorie, low-fat, low-salt diet due to some changes in my health. I had already become used to eating less, having fewer choices and not having all of the… Read More »

Arthur Drops Out and People Ate My Food

Guest post by Jess Bart-Williams: Well, this was a challenging day.  Arthur chose to discontinue his participation, which through me into the individual plan instead of the family plan.  So instead of the two of us living on $9.44 a day, now I am living on $4.46 a day.  Not too different, but an adjustment… Read More »

Treasures Await You in the Silent Auction

Guest post by Board Member Judy Bradford: In between sips of fine wine, craft beer and bites of delicious food in the Tasting Tents, make sure to enter your bids for some of these exciting Silent Auction prizes. Here is a preview of just some of the items you could win at An Afternoon in… Read More »

Budget Update and Lesson Learned

Guest post by Jess Bart Williams: I didn’t realize all the people that would be affected by the challenge as I took it.  I have received lots of calls and emails from people truly concerned and in a bit of shock at times.  It has been a wonderful experience to talk to people about our… Read More »

The Hunger Challenge: Turning into a Ghost

Guest post by Emily Henry, Associate Local Patch Editor: I am sure there is a lesson to be learned in not being able to have what you want — but at times, that lesson seems cruel and pointless. The third day of The Hunger Challenge, living on $4.46 a day, took me to a low… Read More »

Healthy School Lunches

Well it is day 4 and I still have energy (maybe not as much as normal, but I do). Yesterday was sort of a surprise for me. One of my co-workers was eating a sandwich that looked so good, I almost found myself taking a bite when they walked away from their desk. I am… Read More »