A Kente Ball & Banquet

Guest post by Ambassador Aaron Yuen: The Anuanom Club of Antioch hosted a Kente ball & banquet dance on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The event was to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Ghana’s independence and Ghanaian cultural heritage. Enjoying the evening festivities were 300 guests mostly of Ghanaian heritage. During the event, the Anuanom Club made a donation of $200 to the Food Bank and sponsored a food drive which yielded 318 pounds of food.

Our very own Larry Sly was invited as an honored guest. Due to a schedule conflict, Larry was unable to attend the event. I was asked to take Larry’s place to represent the Food Bank. My first impression was that the word anuanom sounded poetically beautiful. Later, I learned that anuanom meant sisters and brothers in the Ghanaian Akan language. The collective strength of sisterhood and brotherhood of the Anuanom Club has certainly made some positive impact in our community. The club has also contributed to worthy causes such as the American Red Cross. We are thankful that the club has chosen to be a partner of the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. We look forward to our continued association.

The event showcased the rich Ghanaian cultural heritage. Traditional dances performed by youths of Ghanian heritage to the drum rhythms and percussion marked the highlight of an exhilarating evening of festivities.

Have I mentioned the scrumptious Ghanaian feast prepared by renowned chef Harold Sena-Akoto?

For appetizers: Succulent jumbo tiger prawns, snow crab claws, a variety of cheeses and other delicacies served under the elegance of an ice sculpture.

For entrees: Grilled chicken and beef, goat stew, seared salmon, two traditional Ghanaian rice dishes and salad.

For desserts: Fried plantain banana and an extensive collection of mousses of many delicate flavors and baked goods, too many to list individually.

It was a wonderful night to learn about the culture of Ghana and the community support to many organizations including the Food Bank by the Anuanom Club. Thanks for all you do.

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