Doggie Donor Sniff Out Funds

Every year Contra Costa and Solano county employees come up with creative ways to raise funds for the Food Bank in hopes of winning the Counties Care Food Fight. Here is a story from the Agriculture Department and their dog Bella.

The Agriculture Department Canine Detector Dog, Bella, has donated $300 of her hard-sniffed earnings to the Food Bank. Her human handler, Cecilie Siegel, knows Bella is generous with her affection and her money, but even she expressed surprise at Bella’s dogged determination to give so much.

Bella also donates to Canine Companions for Independence (where she locked her jaws on a mid-life career change to become an Agriculture Detector Dog) and other worthwhile charities. When not using her nose to earn both treats and a small salary, Bella resides with Cecilie and her husband Mark. Bella’s “salary” is to offset the expense and hours of care and maintenance Bella requires when she is relaxing at home. Cecilie gives Bella her head to freely spend this money on good causes, and once again the Food Bank won by a nose. Bella purchased raffle tickets, each of which she marked with her paw (although very smart, Bella still can’t write her own name). She is expected to be a big hit at the live auction, when she will undoubtedly be barking her bids out in an effort to confuse the auctioneers.

Bella may be the only four-legged county employee donating, but she challenges any other similarly enabled employees to go paw-to-paw and match or exceed Bella’s generosity!

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