Scare Away Hunger!

Thousands of doorbells were rung on Halloween night throughout the area. But in Concord, some of the ringing had a different purpose. Halloween was all about collecting nonperishable and monetary donations for the Food Bank and our community in need. A Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery employee came up with a great way to support the Food Bank, support a school and get the community involved in helping those in need in our community – trick or treating for food. Ken Dami of Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery took the next step by organizing the interested parties and then offering a company match of $5,000 to the Food Bank and $5,000 to the chosen school, Concord High. Not only was the Food Bank going to receive food donations on Halloween night, we were also going to receive cash donations plus $5,000 from Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery.

Seven different school departments: Band, Choir, Leadership, Cheer, Football, Baseball and Softball signed up to each have a team of 12 students go out into designated neighborhoods. Tesoro rounded out the team concept by providing dinner, a Scare Away Hunger t-shirt, a glow button, a trick or treat reusable bag, seven Tesoro vehicles and staff to follow the teams to collect the food as the teams walked door to door collecting plus a bus to drive the students into and back from the neighborhoods. Led by teachers and parents, the students went out and rang hundreds of doorbells. In the end, we received a fantastic 6,619 pounds of food and $1,723.43. The winning team was Softball but just by a small amount. And the prize for winning is a party sponsored by the refinery. Of course bragging rights seem to be the real prize not to mention all of the food and money collected.

At the end of the evening when all of the food was weighed and loaded into the truck and the money was locked up, two students came up to us and said “Thank you for inviting us tonight. It was the most fun ever and we can hardly wait for next Halloween”. What more can I say than I too can hardly wait for next Halloween.

Thank you to Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery for creating this great event and for your fantastic sponsorship. Thank you Ken Dami for your leadership. Thank you Principal Gary McAdam of Concord High for your leadership and getting your fantastic teachers and students involved. Thank you students for volunteering as a team and making our first year so successful. Thank you community for giving and helping those in need. Did we Scare Away Hunger? I think we did and we will do it again every Halloween until it is gone for good.

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