Stories from the Creek, Part 2

Guest post by John VanLandingham, Food Bank volunteer: Every month, approximately 100 people appear at St.Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek to receive free food distributions from the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano counties. Many of those are collecting for more than one person. Here are some of their stories

 “I’m collecting for my son. I saw the truck go by and I inquired.”
George, Walnut Creek

George stood with one booted leg firmly planted on the parking lot asphalt, the other, bent back under his thigh, carefully planted on an orthopedic scooter. The burly, white-bearded Walnut Creek resident said he was collecting food for his disabled son who lives at home with him.

“It’s my second time for him,” he said as he brought up the end of the line of about 110 persons waiting to receive food donations from the Contra Costa-Solano Food Bank volunteers. He said his son is unemployed and unable to meet his living needs without the Food Bank’s assistance.

George said he learned about the food distribution program by inquiring after he saw one of the Food Bank’s trucks go by one day. “I inquired and filled out the paper work,” he said.

After handing George a bag of staples, a volunteer asked George if he could use some extra apples. “Give me all you can, I’m collecting for my son,” he responded. Moments later, George, accompanied by a pair of volunteers, took the bag and a box of apples to his car parked nearby.

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