Pleasant Hill 50th Anniversary

Pleasant Hill 50th

The City of Pleasant Hill is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. We have the opportunity to help the city celebrate by collecting 50 barrels of food in its honor by November 14.

We have already collected 9 barrels of food at the Pleasant Hill Community Service Day last month. Navlet’s Garden Center (2895 Contra Costa Blvd) has a barrel year round, so does Citibank (2255 Contra Costa Blvd) and so does the YMCA (350 Civic Drive). Navlet’s just swapped out a full barrel and Girl Scout Troop 31125 filled up 3 barrels at Strandwood Elementary on October 7th. We are well on our way to 50 full barrels and just have 37 left to fill.

UPDATE: We will be delivering 25 barrels to Pleasant Hill Middle School for pick up on October 24. Teacher Jan Quimet is great at inspiring the students to fill the barrels. That means 12 barrels to go.

Would you like to help commemorate Pleasant Hill’s 50 years by hosting a barrel? We have one ready with your name on it. Not only are you celebrating the city’s 50th anniversary, you are helping our community in need.


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