Hunger Challenge: Can you live on $4.72 per day?

Join Food Bank staff and volunteers as they take the Hunger Challenge to eat on $4.72 per day for five days – the average amount an individual receives in CalFresh (Food Stamp) benefits per day in California. It’s not too late to join! Try it for the rest of the week or event just a day! It’s an exercise in empathy to live in someone else’s shoes. By raising awareness of the barriers to access nutritious food on a CalFresh budget, we hope to mobilize the community to work with us to end hunger.

You can find the “rules” here: /events/hunger-action-month/hunger-challenge.html. Share your stories and challenges on our Hunger Challenge Facebook Group and encourage others to take part as well.

Lauren, a Food Bank staff member, is taking the challenge and has this to say about the first day: “I prepared for this week like I prepare for any other week – checking grocery store ads, making a tentative menu and grocery list. I say tentative menu because I am always open to a surprise bargain. Usually I develop a menu for the week based in part on the advertised specials and partly on what I already have on hand. I’m a frugal shopper. I buy staples on sale as well as meat that can go in the freezer. We eat seasonally and take advantage of lower prices when produce is at its’ peak…”

Lauren continues, “Day #1 is under way and I’m a little hungry because I only had one piece of toast and it isn’t as filling as a serving of high-fiber cereal. I forgot to bring yogurt so I don’t have a snack.”

Read more about Lauren’s experiences and the experiences of other staff and volunteers on our facebook page:

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  1. David Kiefer says

    Hunger Challenge
    I am into the 2nd day of the Hunger Challenge. I can already forecast that the big hurdle for me is dinner. Always shopping bargins and not eating much for breakfast and lunch resulted in a $1.60 food spend for the 2 meals. Dinner blew the budget with the total for the day ending close to $5.00. I always have fresh vegtables and salad for dinner. A beverage completely blows the budget.

  2. says

    Just reading the details on this challenge is a shock. I’m not sure I could actually do this for five days, and yet people on food stamps are apparently expected to do it all the time.