Wear Orange

I love the San Francisco Giants but won’t wear the color orange. I love Halloween but won’t wear the color orange. And now I am asked to wear an orange t-shirt every Wednesday to symbolize hunger? Are you kidding me? But when I put on my new t-shirt with the statement “1 in 6 Americans Struggles With Hunger”, I felt like a superhero as I bagged fresh produce for people in need. No longer is it just about me and not liking the color orange, it is about what I can do in September to help the 1 in 6 people struggling with hunger.  Suddenly I have an endless amount of energy for putting bread on racks, sorting food and helping do the many tasks to get food out to those in need.

wear orange

Wear orange on Wednesdays in September!

In September, I am going to wear an orange t-shirt every Wednesday to remind me of the 1 in 6 people who are struggling with hunger. I am going to take ACTION to make sure I make a difference. Today is about ORANGE, tomorrow is about volunteering and making a difference. Every day is about all of us having the opportunity to be a SUPERHERO. Join me in wearing orange and being a superhero to those we may never meet but who receive the food they need thanks to all of us working together.

Learn more about how you can help make a difference during Hunger Action month this September at www.foodbankccs.org/hungeractionmonth.

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