How Do You Spell HELP?

I spell it 2 1 1. Did you know that if you need help in the Bay Area, you just need to dial 211 on your phone. 211 is a toll-free, three-digit phone number to call 24 hours a day for information about local health and social services. It enables people to find out about valuable resources in their community quickly and easily.

211 logoI may not need to call 211 but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know how important 211 is. I always mention 211 to others so they will pass it on and those they tell will pass it on. You never know when you will meet someone who needs information about disability services, alcohol and drug abuse services, dental care, health insurance, rental assistance, child care, legal aid, senior services and so many other types of assistance. I only need to know one phone number for help. There are trained people answering the calls who will provide the information needed – just by dialing three numbers 2 1 1. And no matter what language you speak, there is someone on the other end that can speak your language to make help even more accessible.

Now, how do YOU spell HELP?  2 1 1, which means help is just a phone call away. Let’s all make sure we share this number!

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