What’s better than a couple lattes? A bag of food!

Safeway Stores has a special food drive campaign where for $10 I can buy a prepacked bag of food which will be donated to the Food Bank. Those that know me, know I love coffee so I decided if I only had a latte once a day (instead of twice a day), in 3 days I could buy a $10 bag with the money I would have spent on myself. Now I can buy a bag of groceries for someone else! And I didn’t even miss the afternoon latte. It just shows how if we all gave up something small, we could help fill up these barrels.

The food drive ends on Sunday July 24th so let’s all buy a bag and fill up these empty barrels. Food Drive time during the summer is slow so with just a $10 bag (and 3 less lattes) I can make a huge difference in someone elses life. And I didn’t even miss the lattes and those I work with were happier because I had a bit less energy and a bit more focused. Thanks Safeway for helping those in need!

Safeway Summer Food Drive

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