Assemblymember Yamada Blogs About the Food Stamp Challenge

This is the first guest post from Assemblymember Yamada as she takes on the Hunger Challenge. She will be living on a food budget for one week equivalent to what the average CalFresh (Food Stamps) would be receiving in benefits. In California that average is $4 per day.

Assemblymember Yamada:

Day 1
After speaking at Davis Community Meals 3rd Annual “Hand in Hand” Fundraiser, I went to my local Safeway armed with the grocery ads and a calculator.

Here is what I bought for this year’s Hunger Challenge:

1 pound ground turkey – $3.99 (50% discount due to expiration date today)
1 extra firm Tofu Lite – $1.99
1 can chicken corn chowder soup – $1.29
1 can black beans – $0.79
1 can tuna – $0.99
1 4pk yogurt – $1.49
1 6pk Top Ramen – $0.89
1 loaf 12-grain bread – $2.49
1 red leaf lettuce – $0.79
3 bananas – $0.62
2 tomatoes – $0.52
1 pk fresh green beans – $2.00
1 can organic coffee – $3.49

13 items total = $21.34

What is different from previous years is that I found in-store coupon deals through which I could afford COFFEE.  Since this is my beverage of choice, and practically one of my five basic food groups, the week ahead should be a little easier for everyone around me.

Going to cook the ground turkey now because it expires tonight.

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