Making a difference

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to work with Kim, a former police dispatcher for 13 years.  She volunteered at our Richmond Food For Children site helping to pack bags with food and carrying the food for our clients.  Afterward, Kim told me how much she enjoyed helping at our site.  She spent 13 years of her life listening to some of the worst situations and feeling relatively powerless when it came to helping.  Volunteering with the Food Bank gave her the chance to see that she could do something positive and directly make a difference in people’s lives.  “It truly has been a blessing to me; I get so much from being there,”  she told me.

Often when I work with a volunteer that I haven’t worked with before I worry if they will enjoy themselves because I need their help and I hope they come back.  I was so happy to know that the Food Bank was doing something for her while she did something priceless for the Food Bank.

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